Easy meal pickings 10 minutes from Bangsar LRT station

A popular transport hub for all Bangsar folks. – HungryGoWhere pic, February 18, 2016.A popular transport hub for all Bangsar folks. – HungryGoWhere pic, February 18, 2016.Being the only LRT station that services the entire neighbourhood of Bangsar, one could say that this stop gets pretty hectic sometimes.

Whether you’re heading into Bangsar for the Bangsar Shopping Centre or heading out into town, you can always find good food here, including the Bangsar LRT itself! HungryGoWhere has done the walking for you (so you don’t have to) to recommend tasty eats you can grab easily before (or after) embarking on your next journey.

Udah! Siap Cafe Network

If you can find Sekolah Memandu Hafiz, Udah! Siap Café Network is right next to it, with a seating area on a raised platform next to their row of stalls. There’s a total of six including the drinks stall, each covering a good range of warung dishes from Maggi sup to nasi lemak.

We decided to go with the nasi tomato and an ayam masak merah with telur goreng - a steal at only RM5.50! The people here are friendly and offer good service, while the dishes (though seemingly simple) are actually quite fantastic. Udah! Siap is a gem of a place to go to on your stop in Bangsar.

Straits Food Company

You can literally have Peranakan food every day if you’re a commuter of the Bangsar LRT station! Grab express and reasonably priced Nyonya food from Straits Food Company, is just a 5-minute walk from the station. If you're scanning through the menu and find a certain resemblance to Baba Low's, that's because they're sister outlets and the menu's actually the same at both shops.

If you're in a hurry, opt for the Nasi Nyonya Platter (RM10) which comes served with a bowl of fluffy white rice, bendi sambal belacan (ladiesfingers with spicy sambal), and a choice of one of their dishes. We were offered either their tamarind fish or the sambal prawns with this set, and we chose the latter – a bowl of sambal with eight to 10 medium-sized sambal prawns. This express meal for one has almost all the food groups that will get you through the rest of the day!

Nutella overload? We don’t think so. – HungryGoWhere pic, February 18, 2016.Nutella overload? We don’t think so. – HungryGoWhere pic, February 18, 2016.Fierce Curry House

Popular with the Bangsar folks for its curries (of course), Fierce Curry House has since opened up another restaurant in bustling Publika – this time naming it the Fiercer Curry House. However, we prefer the predecessor for its simpler set up and original offerings.

If you don't wish to sweat uncontrollably during lunch time, avoid the curry and head straight for the naan with Nutella and banana instead (RM10)! The menu actually offers roti or thosai for this dish, but you can request for naan instead – it's more filling for lunch and Nutella sticks better to this thicker bread! Preparing this dish is a labour of love, and it takes a good 15 minutes to complete.

We have plenty more recommendations, just click on here for more Bangsar LRT tasty suggestions.

* If good food is your passion, then HungryGoWhere is your perennial kaki makan. Get access to one of the most comprehensive online Malaysian food guides available, and bring us along everywhere you go by downloading our mobile application, available on iOS and Android. – February 18, 2016.


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